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Spring Planning

Dear Stone Bunny Fans,

I am here to say that our website has been an amazing success and dream come true after so many years of planning! We hope you are enjoying perusing our pages.

So down in the bunny hatch we are busy planning our spring season. It’s like this every fall season that rolls around...

once summer sales slow down we take the extra time and start planning for the next Spring. It takes time to create new master pieces and Telle, has been sculpting her latest creations. These include mostly candle holders, along with some new fancy boxing for our owls, a few new Garden cottages, miniature barn yard critters, some new statues, and bringing back old popular items such as the Horse Head Drapery Bracket. Within this Spring planning, my upcoming China trip is included.

While in China I’ll be keeping our factory relations strong, continuing to create the best quality pieces we can, along with working on a few new projects. I’ve been working with our current factory for over 5 years and some of the people I work with I’ve known for about 7 years or more. They definitely feel like family. This trip will be special in that The Stone Bunny, Dad, my Dad, will be joining me. I took over for him going to China about 7 years ago, so it’ll be good to have pops hopping along. Maybe I’ll write more about that once I’m over back to business.

For all you whole sellers out there, please plan on stopping by our show room in Atlanta at the America’s Mart in Building 2 West Wing show room # 9B61. The show season starts Jan. 9th-16th. There is also a smaller pre-show season coming up from Nov. 6th-8th.

The Stone Bunny Team thanks you for Hopping, Stopping, and Shopping by!


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