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Dear Stone Bunny Fans,

It is with great pleasure and much trial and tribulation that we luanch our much awaited for fully functional website.  Yes, indeed, this is for real.   All the items you see are available while supplies last.  This is a first in history for us and we hope you are as excited as we are.  Products you see on our site are our most up to date line and newest designs.  There will be more items coming in the spring, including a few of our older line such as the Horse Head and Giraffe Drapery Brackets.  Please stand by for further updates.

For those fans that have been seeking our older product for years and stalking us, waiting patiently, we thank you and want to commend you on your efforts and persistance, especially if you made it to this Blog post.  I’d love to hear some of your stories about how you tracked us down.  Your story may make it to our next blog post...   It is in large part because of you that we have felt an inspiration and drive to get our bunny butts in gear and create this website.  Thank you, Thank you and thank you again for sticking with us and gently nudging us along the way. 

For those that are brand new to The Stone Bunny, welcome!  We also look forward to getting to know you better and are open to your suggestions too on what you’d like to see us carry.

We hope that this site is all that you hoped it could be and please offer suggestions and product requests.  Your suggestions help us know what to order and what new designs to create in the future.

Stay tuned and thanks again for the all the love,

The Stone Bunny Family

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