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Post Atlanta Mart Jan. 2013

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It is post Atlanta Mart Show and it was a good and very busy show.  Seems the economy is a little more positive with the passage of 2012 into 2013 (Yay, the world didn't end.) and we wanted to shout out a BIG THANK YOU, to all the people who stopped by.  It was great to see both old and new faces.  

Here is a photo from our booth at the Americas Mart in Atlanta.  We were proud of our booth.  We only showed what we had in stock and/or coming into stock.  We took notes from our customers and seems more fairy houses, dogs and toads are desired.  For those waiting on dog and cat angels/memorials they will be online and available in about two weeks time, promise. We will also be offering a few new additions too.  Please stand by for more news....

The Stone Bunny Signing off...

Happenings in China


Dec. 7th, 2012

I’m a whole half a day ahead of home which is Atlanta, GA. It’s kind of weird to be waking up when the other half of the world is going to sleep, but that’s how it goes when you are on the other side of planet from where you normally live...

I’m in China and it’s day 12 of my project and journey. I’m here inspecting orders and working with a new factory we have taken on in partnership. My Dad ended up not joining me as he was tied up with domestic projects that required his immediate attention. So it’s just me and that’s fine.   Attached is a photo of me with Anita, my colleague and helper, while I’m in China or away. She lives in Xiamen where we do most of our work and keeps an eye on things when I’m not there and helps me navigate China when I am there. I don’t speak Mandarin, yet, but even if I did there are hundreds of dialects and many cultural nuances to navigate, though I’ve been doing this for a few years already. So far things are going relatively smoothly as I’ve worked with our main factory for a long time and they know what we are looking for and desiring in our products. It is however, exceptionally busy as it is the time period just before Chinese New Years, when everyone who does work in China is busy getting last min. orders in before all of China shuts down for about two weeks time in Feb.

Come the end of Jan. and Feb. we’ll be updating our website to include all the new creations and finally the long awaited for animal angels and pet memorials. It is also official that’ll we’ll be bringing tiny critters for the Fairy Cottage and Toad house line! Photos to come soon!

Until next time.....

Spring Planning

Dear Stone Bunny Fans,

I am here to say that our website has been an amazing success and dream come true after so many years of planning! We hope you are enjoying perusing our pages.

So down in the bunny hatch we are busy planning our spring season. It’s like this every fall season that rolls around...


Launching for REAL

Dear Stone Bunny Fans,

It is with great pleasure and much trial and tribulation that we luanch our much awaited for fully functional website.  Yes, indeed, this is for real.   All the items you see are available while supplies last.  This is a first in history for us and we hope you are as excited as we are.  Products you see on our site are our most up to date line and newest designs.  There will be more items coming in the spring, including a few of our older line such as the Horse Head and Giraffe Drapery Brackets.  Please stand by for further updates.


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