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Product Care

Painted Resin Statues

These items can be used indoors or outdoors.  However, if used outdoors, it is best to place painted resin statuary in a shaded spot, away from direct sunlight.  Like most items, over time, UV light will fade colors.  If statues are placed in the garden we recommend treating statues with a clear matte, exterior UV spray.  We use a spray called Krylon, which I have found at Home Depot and craft stores.  This works best when spraying several thin coats on the statue.  We have also observed, when statues are placed out side, chipmunks, squirrels, birds and other small animals love to sit on top of the statues to use for a look out tower.  This spray will also help protect from the toenail scratches of these small critters.

Concrete Statuary

For concrete items placed in the garden, it is important to put statues in a well-drained area, out of standing water.  Placing these items on bricks or stones will allow any moisture that collects on the stature to run off.  This will prevent the concrete from collecting moisture, which can cause cracking in extreme weather conditions.  For extra protection, clear Thompsons Water Sealer can be painted on statues. Be sure statues are dry before putting this on.  Over time, concrete statuary will grow their own patina from being out side, and get prettier with age.  Items kept inside need no extra attention other than an occasional pet or scratch behind the ear.

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